Kyle Bryant is COOL

What I think about Kyle?

Kyle Bryant is a person with Fredreich’s Ataxia and because of his activity he become someone like a celebrity.

He is a very active person on the topic of ataxia and helps others learn more about the disease. I think it’s great and I wish there were more people like that. Talking openly about your illness is not easy (I understand it a little more now, while I am becoming a kind of public person) so Kyle deserves admiration for it. Although my ataxia is very different from his (in SCA there are no heart issues), I think Kyle proves the most important thing – that you can make your dreams come true and develop regardless of the impact of the disease. Don’t ignore or deny it because it is still there, but it’s best to just take its hand and do your own thing together.

Kyle tells about his experiences on an ongoing basis. He has written a book, participated in a documentary, and participates in interviews. If you want to follow him, jump on his Instagram and Facebook:



What I think about Kyle’s book?

Buy Kyle’s Bryant book: Shifting Into High Gear
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Basically, I would say it is a nice book about man’s life adventure. A lot of people say it is inspiring and I think I agree with this statement. This is an inspiring book about going on an adventure that was this man’s big dream. And I think that the most beautiful part is that the FA is not a barrier for him. He just does what he wants. Sure, there are some obstacles during his way that seem like impossible limitations. And maybe you even expect it will stop him. But no. I think this book may be an awesome gift for someone with ataxia because it shows that you can still be human – with big dreams, assuming that someday you will make these dreams come true. And ataxia will not stop you at all. I remember when I saw these recumbent tricycles for the first time. And I thought that OH MY GOD I want to ride them. Not because I have ataxia. Because they are so cool! Yes, you still can be cool even if you have ataxia. And Kyle proves it every day. By being cool.

What I think about Kyle’s movie?

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I think the picture speaks much better to some people than words, and this film is a beautiful depiction of Kyle’s story and the daily life of people with ataxia. I was moved and cried alternately because his story is so close to me. I think the film is simply beautiful and I would like many more people to see it, not necessarily interested in the world of sports or ataxia. I used to watch documentaries about mountaineers and it was incredibly exciting to watch people break down barriers and make their dreams come true with superhuman effort. And that’s what Kyle does. Why is it so inspiring? I think it’s because he doesn’t show his illness. He doesn’t demand sympathy. I feel that his goal is to get more people to know ataxia and be willing to support those who are sick.

If you’re especially sad today, read Kyle’s book or view a documentary about him. It’s worth it.

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