My Keto Experience. Ataxia diet #2

Okay, so recently I decided to start my own keto diet and show off the result.

I like the idea of ​​being on a strict keto only for a few days and once in a while when generally try to eat low-carb. I already have a lot of experience in this and we live in a time when it is easy to find various products. In my supermarket, for example, there are special bread and pasta that have a lot of protein and little carbohydrates.

That’s why I bought a Keto diet kit for 6 days, but I can already see that in the future I will be able to buy similar products myself (like protein soups and sugar-free bars).

Day 1: I get used to the tastes, I discover that everything tastes like peas and is nasty. But I eat. And I’m hungry. In the evening I wanted to prepare popcorn and then I remembered that I was on a diet!

Day 2: I still don’t like it. But as they wrote on the leaflet, this is a treatment, not a restaurant!

Day 3: They said in a leaflet that some meals can be slightly modified. Add spices, improve somehow. I add chocolate to cocktails, more oil, cheese, veggie sausage to soups (it tastes like peas after all) and combine it. But it’s still not good.

Day 4: I fell out. I ate the soup and choke. I found it to be the limit.


The whole idea of ​​a ready-made keto diet seems great. Unfortunately, it’s nasty. The people who prepared it are aware of it and recommend overcoming it and eat it somehow. The problem is that such diets have a yo-yo effect. The first thing I wanted after finishing the diet was bread. And this, theoretically, I am not allowed. I definitely recommend a gentle transition to low-carb and stay on this diet.

I just made a list of low-carb breakfast, lunch, and dinner „ideas” and eat it that way. It is much better. I do eat pizza sometimes, but there are days when everything I eat is sugar-free.

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