Traveling with Ataxia

Ataxianka Trip!

There are many different travel tips on the internet, but traveling with ataxia is slightly different. I will write about the most important things that came to my mind during my last trip and combine my tips with photos of beautiful views.

1. When and where

The decision of where we are going and when is very important and you should take into account possible weather conditions and your abilities. For advanced ataxians, I won’t advise the Alps; my cousin with ataxia also tells me that it is difficult to walk on the sand with ataxia, and it is difficult to move in the water. I think ataxia does not exclude a camping holiday, but I personally would prefer a hotel with a swimming pool and lifts adapted for disabled people. What you choose is up to you, but remember about your unique requirements when planning your trip. Perhaps in the past, you traveled differently and ataxia took it away from you – well, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel at all!

2. Company

The company we choose is important for many reasons. It’s nice if they are aware of your limitations. There is no point in taking people to whom you will show off skills that you do not have. Instead, the tour will be loaded with unnecessary stress. Take people to whom you are not ashamed to say that you cannot do something. Who will not be offended if they have to go somewhere alone.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Another point is that the right company can help us if we need to. I am not talking about people who are supposed to come with us to take care of us, but it is good to have a friendly person close by. What if you are traveling alone? Well, get a working telephone and emergency numbers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Do you need an extra break, a slower pace? Talk about it out loud.

4. Cool items

Think about material things that may be useful to you. Can’t you carry an umbrella? Bring a rain jacket. Good shoes to protect the ankle. For my last trip, I bought Nordic walking poles and I am delighted with them! And if you don’t need anything, why not buy yourself some new colorful socks. Or something from the old days that will remind you of how fun it is to travel. Like a map of the place of your destination! I am addicted to maps, and they are special to me even now, in times of GPS and smartphones.

5. Keep calm and… don’t overload

Although I would like to tell you to forget about ataxia and just have a good time, I know that this is not possible. So have it somewhere in the back of your head, don’t overload yourself too much, and spend your time pleasantly, to the best of your abilities and willingness.

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