Low-carb. Ataxia diet #1

Since I found out that ok, maybe there is no cure for ataxia, but you can actually do a lot to stop it; I was wondering – ok, so… what to eat? Everyone says to eat healthy. But I eat healthy. Seriously. Lots of vegetables, lots of unprocessed products, good products, and stuff.

And no one really said what to eat when you have ataxia. Ok. Some people cannot eat gluten, but only those with gluten ataxia. And those with gluten-free ataxia can eat gluten without resistance.

And after some time I found the answer. What not to eat? Carbohydrate.

Of course, as with everything related to ataxia, these are only guesses unsupported by any research. But I listened to some videos and read some science articles and what I learned is that the keto diet is a diet beneficial for people with neurodegenerative diseases. Just like ataxia. However, people with other diseases were examined more often.

When it comes to the keto diet, some people advise not to be constantly on the keto diet. Or to be on a low-carb diet, where the amount of these carbohydrates is much smaller, but there are still in your diet. I will be very grateful if you share everything you heard about it in the comments. And did you try or did it help you?

I was on the keto diet once, for 3 months, and it was very difficult. It’s not easy to cut down on carbohydrates when you’re a vegetarian. But I did it and I have the impression that my stomach was getting smaller. I was losing weight too. I didn’t see any effect on ataxia, but I think I was healthier.

Now I have this idea to start such a system – one keto week and three low-carb weeks. And again. Well, I will see if this option will be successful. Still, I can see that my body is better without carbohydrates.

These are my keto meals for 6 days

This is not the end of the diet section – I am going to give two more entries on this topic.

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This video learned me a lot:

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