Can I have hope? Ataxia Notes #5

I recently wrote a post about the potential treatment of ataxia (link), and however exciting the concept seems, let’s talk about what this news actually means to us.

I remember the first time I talked about it with a psychiatrist. And after listening to my revelations that they must be testing something on mice, and it seems it works, she told me „be careful with this hope.” So according to her, I can be happy, but only moderately.

After a while, I realized that I can’t be like this.

I can’t be moderately happy. For me, something has to be 100% certain, otherwise, I don’t believe in it. If I am supposed to be happy with the potential chance of a cure, I have to believe that this cure will come.

I started to estimate – what if I get it wrong? If I will think that there is no medicine and there, in fact, will be no medicine, nothing will happen. But if it will show up, I’m lucky. And if I will decide to believe in it and it will not come, I will probably despair, but rather in the future. Before this happens, I have a few years of relative joy that the cure is already near. So I decided that the cure will come. Just as people believe in various Gods, Fate, Karma, Energy, I believe in a cure for ataxia. Please respect my faith!

Ok now – let’s vent our imagination. Can you imagine a life without ataxia? Oh sh*t. This concept is beyond me. There was a time when I watched people with ataxia pursue their passions, and I thought to myself that it was wonderful that this ataxia doesn’t make them worthless. That you can continue to do great things and have a great life. And it certainly is like this. But if someone took it from me, I wouldn’t argue.

Of course, there is a chance that the ataxia drug will not reverse the ataxia. It will at least stop it. But then there is a chance for rehabilitation – so we will not exercise to stop the progression of the disease, but we will exercise to get back into shape. Isn’t that wonderful? Suddenly there will be a lot more purpose in our daily activities. Lots more motivation. No more thinking „why am I doing all of this?” (I know why, but everyone has such thoughts sometimes, let’s face it).

Ok so what about you? Are you joining the Ataxia Cure Club? Please, I have coffee and cookies!

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