2021. Ataxia notes #6

The end of the year is often associated with various summaries and resolutions. In my case, the year 2021 was really bad, but I decided to take the challenge and try to find anything that I was able to do and that I can be happy about.

1. I started a blog about ataxia and I keep on it.

I have always had a problem with being systematic, so if I manage to persevere with any new idea, it is already a success. And because I decided to start a blog and a website, I talk to some new people, learned a lot, wrote a lot. I was not afraid to dive into the subject of ataxia. I still hope that my blog is useful and people enjoy what I write.

2. I have read a lot of books

Usually, I do not count how much time I spent reading, watching, browsing the internet because I am not interested in it. But I’ve been reading a lot in recent years, because I’ve always liked reading, so it’s probably something to be proud of. I have read about 40 books. Considering that with ataxia you read twice as slow, I think that I could normally read twice as much.

3. I tried. Sometimes with no effect. But I tried.

When you have ataxia, a lot of things go wrong. But I think it is worth trying and sometimes yes, it will not come out. With ataxia, you are very used to failure, and I think that somehow it helps to strengthen your character. When you learn that a lot of things don’t work out for you, you don’t worry that much.

The things that I did not succeed in this year include – trying to run a YouTube channel, trying to stream, trying to reach the top in the mountains, trying to stay on a ketogenic diet, trying to do fasting. There is a bit of it and although I failed in the end, I am glad that I tried it.

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