My COVID Vaccine Story

Since this is my blog, I decided to describe my own perspective on vaccines. I wrote about the relationship of COVID vaccines and ataxia earlier here: link; Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get vaccinated. The vaccine I got is made by Johnson & Johnson, and it’s called Janssen. It is the vaccine with the lowest effectiveness available, but it is the fastest. After just one week, it largely eliminates the chance to get severe Covid disease and is single-dose. It can be said that I already have it over my head and now all that remains is

Ataxia and COVID Vaccines

Since we learned about vaccines, many of us have wondered how vaccines can be affected by ataxia. I suspected that it probably doesn’t have any effect, but I preferred to check with the doctor. If you are still wondering about it, here I am with some helpful tips. Recently, the NAF published a webinar in which several vaccine specialists talked to each other. I will link this webinar below and if you have a free hour, you can listen to it. If not, I will try to briefly present the most important issues. In the beginning, Boris Juelg described the

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