2021. Ataxia notes #6

The end of the year is often associated with various summaries and resolutions. In my case, the year 2021 was really bad, but I decided to take the challenge and try to find anything that I was able to do and that I can be happy about. 1. I started a blog about ataxia and I keep on it. I have always had a problem with being systematic, so if I manage to persevere with any new idea, it is already a success. And because I decided to start a blog and a website, I talk to some new people,

Swallowing. Ataxia diet #4

It might seem that how we eat does not matter much, but it does. Especially with ataxia. What we eat is very important. Swallowing problems are not uncommon in ataxia. But there is a lot you can do to help yourself. 1. Identify the foods and the type of food that is bad for your throat For many people these are either thin drinks (like water) or dry food (like a dry cake). In my case these are spices – pepper, chilli, or dry sprinkles – made of cinnamon, cocoa or powdered sugar. My mom had trouble eating cold food.

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