Ataxia and COVID Vaccines

Since we learned about vaccines, many of us have wondered how vaccines can be affected by ataxia. I suspected that it probably doesn’t have any effect, but I preferred to check with the doctor. If you are still wondering about it, here I am with some helpful tips. Recently, the NAF published a webinar in which several vaccine specialists talked to each other. I will link this webinar below and if you have a free hour, you can listen to it. If not, I will try to briefly present the most important issues. In the beginning, Boris Juelg described the

Are you ashamed of your ataxia? Ataxia Notes #2

Are you ashamed of your ataxia? Ataxia gives a lot of reasons to be ashamed. How do you look, how do you walk, how do you talk. Ataxia is something so unusual that it is very interesting to outsiders. You can’t hide it and the worst part is – you look bad. It’s easy to feel ashamed in such a situation. It seems best to stay home so that no one can see you. „Keep it hidden for as long as possible” – you may even think. The problem is that because of shame, it is impossible to accept ataxia.

2021 Annual Ataxia Conference – what to expect

Hello! ^^ On March 10-13, an online conference on ataxia will be held, organized by NAF. I am delighted with this solution – so far the possibility of taking part in this event was unattainable for me. But now? I am already signed up and I am going to comfortably watch the lectures from my home in Poland and I will be happy to share my thoughts with you. NAF organizes its events in a wonderful way – even previous conferences were available to watch online. Not entirely, but the most important speeches were. I remember watching one of the

Hello! Ataxia notes #1

I was diagnosed with hereditary ataxia three years ago. But as I say often, even if I have ataxia on paper, I don’t have it 'yet’. Most people will not see a difference but the sharp eyes of my family members already noticed in me some ataxia traces. For a lot of time, I was trying to comfort myself with a thought that I should be happy because I am still healthy. I can still do things. I can still work. But I was not happy. And I could not understand why. I imagined there is some kind of „ataxia

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