Annual Ataxia Conference – Day 2

Day two was really great!

I don’t have the strength to write everything, but many more scientific as well as ordinary life issues were raised.

Finding a cure for ataxia comes down to two approaches – looking for the drug, the substance, and/or helpful genetic therapy that could modify the abnormal genome. Dr. Marie Davis’s speech was extremely interesting because, using wonderful analogies, she explained what the leading trends in genetic therapies are all about.

Basically there are three:

  • Antisense oligonucleotides (ASO)
  • Viral (AAV – mediated gene replacement
  • CRISPR Cas 9 Genome Editing

I suspect that someday I will write more about them because I am a wild fan of them.

In the next segment, it was incredibly difficult to decide what to watch. I decided to watch networking about nutrition and it was a bull’s eye! Each of the speeches was moderated by a specialist and this one was moderated by Mrs. Susan Perlman. I love her ever since the Las Vegas conference when I listened to her academic presentation online. It was wonderful. I’m a fan of her so it was great to listen to someone smart for half an hour. It is a pity that these conversations were not recorded in any way because I would love to listen to others. I jumped into other topics for a moment and the atmosphere was great everywhere.

What did I learn from Mrs. Perlman? All in moderate amounts. When you feel sad you can have a drink, but don’t be crazy. When you’re in the mood for sugar, eat it, but don’t go crazy. Try each of the diets for a while and if it helps, stick with it. Thanks to this approach, I discovered that giving up gluten does not give me anything – but I feel better without carbons.

Other great things – I was practicing yoga on a chair! And I had the opportunity to listen to the stories of marriages in which one person has ataxia. Really, day two was great. But now I’m exhausted and dreaming of going to sleep … Cheers!

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