Annual Ataxia Conference 2021 – Day 1

In the beginning, I would like to emphasize how incredibly happy I am that I can take part in it. I did not assume that I would ever be able to be there. Not only because of the distance, but also finances. Such a trip would be incredibly expensive. Anyway, now I can take part in it and I am glad that it has such an online form.

The conference is not only about lectures, but there are also many opportunities to share photos, play happy games or talk to specialists or other ataxians.

The first short meeting was a greeting and a response to some general organizational doubts. In the next speech, one of the lecturers talked about her first conference experiences. What does she advise? Take your time and dose your knowledge, don’t be overwhelmed with information, but enjoy being here. The most important thing in her opinion is ‘networking’ and ‘birds of feathers’.

That’s right – networking. It was very short, but it was fantastic. After half an hour when it was time to stop, some people were just getting started. Not everyone has a webcam, so the chat was helpful. Networking is a great option to talk to people who are experiencing the same. Some people need to share more emotional confessions about their illness, while for others it is enough to write where they are from and what the weather is like. And I think it’s great!

Other of the lectures dealt with scientific aspects and genetic issues, but maybe I will write about it later or provide relevant links. The speeches were, frankly, a bit complicated for me. I’m not a scientist. However, I am very much interested in ataxia and I already know the new ideas presented. However, I was pleased to hear that ataxia is treatable and that this is the current approach.

So much for the first day. The conference is fantastic so far and well – it’s free for me because I applied for it. However, I suspect that the amount of $ 50 is not particularly unattainable for people living in the US. Go for it! If not now, then maybe next year 😉

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