Annual Ataxia Conference – Day 3

Why is the Conference Exhibit Hall so awesome?

The third day was the day of integration. I don’t know if there was any lecture that wasn’t live and with the involvement of participants via chat or camera.

During the conference, you can listen to lectures, integrate with other participants, but also watch materials provided by sponsors and other companies and initiatives dealing with ataxia. I am talking about Exhibit Hall. Today I discovered this option and well – I’m delighted.

By clicking on the appropriate logos, you can get acquainted with scientific institutes that either find the right medicine or therapy, but also work on improving the diagnosis process. An example of such institutions is VICO or UniQure. Biohaven (which I suspect is widely known) or CoRDS also put in some information. I will share a list with the various companies and links to their sites later – it is worth following their achievements to stay up to date with the progress of the ataxia study.

In addition to the scientific aspect, the Exhibit Hall is also a place where initiatives of people interested in other aspects of ataxia clash. There is an initiative called Wilderness Inquiry which describes itself with the words “we believe everyone belongs in the outdoors. We embody this by connecting individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to each other and the natural world through shared adventures and experiences. ”. I am very curious about their presentation and offer. I myself believe that being outdoors helps a lot with mental health, and I try to go for walks every day, although as you well know it is difficult with ataxia.

There is also a podcast inspired by the partner of a person with ataxia „Did you know?” during which you can talk freely about your experiences and ask questions to others.

Visiting the Exhibit Hall you can also learn about the activities of the University of Chicago: „This research study is testing body-worn sensors to measure movement during simple tests of coordination, in order to evaluate the progression and severity of ataxia.”

Another interesting initiative for me is the activity of the Mobius Mobility company, which decided to present its „inventions”, which are specially adapted vehicles to move in difficult conditions.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference. I wonder what we’ll see 🙂

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