Ataxia and COVID Vaccines

Since we learned about vaccines, many of us have wondered how vaccines can be affected by ataxia. I suspected that it probably doesn’t have any effect, but I preferred to check with the doctor. If you are still wondering about it, here I am with some helpful tips.

Recently, the NAF published a webinar in which several vaccine specialists talked to each other. I will link this webinar below and if you have a free hour, you can listen to it. If not, I will try to briefly present the most important issues.

In the beginning, Boris Juelg described the vaccines used in the US – how do they work and how are they build. Just basics. So if you still don’t know how do they work it might be useful for you.

What is important – it is unknown for how long these vaccines protect against COVID-19. It is also unclear if vaccines stop the spread of the virus – so even after injection, we must wear masks to protect others.

Among the various side effects stand out the soreness, chills, muscle pain, fatigue, and sometimes even fever. But these are signs that your immune system is working. And not everyone experiences these. Some people react normally. But just in case don’t plan anything special day or two days after injection. It is also a good idea to get a free day at work.

OK – these are general information for the majority of people. But what about people with ataxia?

Actually, it is still too early to tell how vaccines affect people with ataxia. We don’t know how vaccines behave in the body of ataxians.

But my neuroscientist says the same things I heard during the webinar:

being sick is much worse then possible side effects of vaccines.

And also:

there is no reason to be concern about geeting a vaccine

Considering the above, I am determined to get vaccinated. Unfortunately, there are no studies on the effect of vaccination on ataxia, but I’m not afraid of it. I am much more afraid of illness, prolonged isolation, and living in uncertainty. The coronavirus affects our health to a much greater extent than you might think!

What about you? Are you planning to get vaccinated? Are you not afraid of this? Or maybe you are already after?


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